Featured Speakers

We are very pleased to announce that our keynote speakers will be Dr. Jacqueline Borsje (Faculteit der Geesteswetenschappen Capaciteitsgroep Religiestudies [Faculty Member of the Department of Religious Studies]) and Professor Richard Kieckhefer (John Evans Professor of Religion and History, Northwestern University).

Dr. Jacqueline Borsje, of the University of Amsterdam, is a specialist in the study of Religion and in Celtic Studies, and is currently leading a project called “The power of words in medieval Ireland.” Her previous work on the concept of the ‘evil eye’ in early Ireland is an important contribution to the field of Celtic Studies. As the co-initiator and coordinator of the interdisciplinary research network ‘The Power of Words in Traditional European Cultures,’ she has profoundly expanded communication and the exchange of ideas among scholars and students in the fields of folklore and charm studies.

Professor Richard Kieckheffer, Northwestern University, is one of the most prominent scholars of magic and religion in the late Middle Ages, with a special interest in church architecture, and the history of witchcraft and magic. His work explores the ways in which communities create and sustain a sense of shared culture in the face of difference, dissention, and dispute.